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Drug Prevention

Drug Prevention


                           PROJECT P.R.I.D.E


Prevention, Resource, Information And Drug Education Project



Trained Counselors and Volunteers

To visit impacted schools and community centers to reach and inspire at-risk children throughout affected counties. This program has proven to provide at-risk youth with the opportunity to discuss real life consequences of drug and alcohol abuse so at-risk youth can make positive decisions in their own lives. 

Drug and Alcohol Prevention Information – of a suite of informational materials and brochures distributed concerning at-risk youth drug and alcohol prevention.


Interactive Drug Prevention Website  will provide at-risk youth with a user-friendly website with a knowledge base of drug prevention information and resources, as well as trained live online counseling and referrals available. This is a proven system with live experts to answer questions and discuss concerns with at-risk youth who can remain anonymous.

For more information call 408-358-5530 or email or visit



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